Chantal, from a young age, apprenticed under her mother Hannah Paine, an established ceramicist and fine artist in South Africa. She was mentored since childhood, developing her unique style and approach to her artistic expression. 

Chantal received further tutorship under Pranoto Ahmad Raji a well established artist in Ubud, Bali. This is where she practiced for three years developing her grasp of the human form. 

Now based in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, Chantal is an artist who uses art therapy as a way to express emotion as well as cope with struggles surrounding mental health. She celebrates the female form through contemporary expressionism. 

Themes in her work include connection, self discovery, feminism, mental illness and healing. Each piece captures a moment or series of exploration, the most prevalent being the underwater series. 

The water has become a place of contemplation an underwater human scape exploring the nature of what it means to live neurodivergent, peace and fear, anxiety and stillness. A sense of being surrounded by the infinite is captured in her work.

Her Fire series in contrast captures the manic phase, creativity, passion but also conflict and rebellion. What does it mean to really be alive, being ignited by inspiration, fighting for a cause!

These contrasting ideas engage on the canvas with texture and form, She illustrates the play between hard and soft, static and perpetual movement, creating interest and tension in her paintings. 

Chantal is an active member of her local art community, as a memeber of Collective Individuals artist collecrive, Oxfordshire  artweeks and West Ox Art Society.. Her love for connection and healing means she is working with local galleries and groups to teach and create using art therapy.
Her studio based in Minster Lovell is open for viewings by appointment.